Monday, September 15, 2008


In the smallest detail of life there is much for which to be
thankful. In all of life itself there is no limit to the
possibilities for appreciation.

In each day, in each moment, life's blessings continuously
pour forth. In the quiet times, in the grand and magnificent
experiences, there is always richness upon richness in the
living of life.

Certainly there are disappointments and pains that come
along on a regular basis. Yet when you stand back and look
at the big picture, those difficult moments, as intense as
they are, only make up a tiny fraction of the overall

On the whole, life is exceedingly worth any trouble, any
setback, any difficulty. For always there are countless
possibilities of goodness stretching out in every direction.

The simple appreciation of the positive possibilities in any
moment will begin to bring the best of those possibilities
to life. Merely recalling how good life can be will serve to
make it truly better.

Life asks much of you, and yet it gives far, far more than
it asks. Appreciate the countless possibilities, and you can
indeed make the best of them real.


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