Sunday, September 14, 2008

Illusion & Dreams...

A Different Perspective on Being XXY — Is it a Priviledge?

I strongly suspect that with
continued education and time, that the typical XXY person will develop
a greater intelligence than a "typical" XX or XY person.

There are three reasons for this:

1. We XXY’s mature more slowly.

development time of the typical person is very short. It is well known
that a child learns both better and faster than an adult. An XXY child
develops over a period considerably longer than an XY or XX child,
about 8 more years. Society for 99% of the world believes is that at
18, the child is mature. However, XXY children (untampered with) mature
at about age 25. If we compare an XXY child at their point of relative
maturity at age 25 to an 18 year old, the 25 year old child is
significantly higher on intelligence tests. This is an oversight of the
medical establishment.

2. For all that the medical establishment
has gone to great lengths to suppress XXYers we make up a remarkable
percentage of higher tasking jobs overall, than most of the rest of the
human race. But, no doubt this would also require studies to prove.

At the age of 30 .. because relative levels of maturity are now
consistent, the XXYer should score higher on intelligence tests. But we
don’t study these kinds of things. The XXYer should go get a job that
requires a higher IQ.

The hardest part of this, though, is that
you will have to compete in a system not suited for you. To establish
bona fides that the rest of the world will accept you must attend a
university to the PHD level. Right now, we encompass business leaders
in all levels of society. To keep going higher though requires
education. Be it self education, or university training. And our best
kept secret? We can blend with just about any group.

sell yourself short. The reason that most XXYers have trouble is
because society is not setup to provide the social network that we need.

do not mature until 25. You typically send your kid out to "be a man"
at 18, but with as an XXY you’ve essentially kicked a 14 year old out
the door. That 14 year old might be really smart, but collectively
they’re not all here yet. They’re not yet mature by society’s standard.
And that’s because we mature slower. We have more time to learn at the
pace that only children can learn at.

And lastly what about this
assumption that we have learning difficulties? Take the XXYer and start
school with the 5 year olds at age 6. Oddly enough, no learning
disabilities. However, society will not tolerate the abuse of their "it
works for 99% of the people, it will work for you, rule". So use the
time you have wisely, and learn as much as you can.

As for
college. They teach using a method that works great for 99% of the
world. Unfortunately that missed all of us XXY’s. What I found is that
attending "part-time" one or two classes at a time, worked really well.
I could focus more effort into learning, than the course required. Of
course I always end up learning about 5 times the material that was
intended to be taught because I have to know why this or that theorem
applies. They only test on a small percentage of the material. Most of
the testing focuses on short term memory.

For me it’s been 11
years and I can still do remember every inch of memories when at school as seems it was yesterday.This is because we (XXYs) have a stronger bond to long term
memory. Being able to step backwards to the moment someone said or
wrote an idea and explained it means we can talk to specific ideas
across decades.

So what am I really saying here?

1. You’re smart.

2. Get an education.

Use your young years for all they are worth because thats when
languages are easy. And your young years go to about age 25 (not 18
like typical XX’s and XY’s).

4. Be XXY. There is no need to be "male" or be "female." Just be XXY.


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